Vodafone Secure SIM

Vodafone Secure SIMVodafone has developed a new SIM card that can be used on smartphones to provide secure access to data networks and tap-proof telephone calls as well as email and text message encryption.

Vodafone Secure SIM – Complete mobile security solution integrated on a SIM card.
1. Extensive pre-installed security features on Secure SIM
2. Secure authentication for mobile access to the corporate network
3. Secure SIM card with almost any mobile device available, no additional security hardware required
4. In future, secure voice and data encryption and e-mails

The Secure SIM provides secure access to data networks, the future also secure voice and encrypting e-mails and text messages.

All security features such as two-factor authentication or cryptographic processor are integrated on the SIM card. This eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware security. The Secure SIM can be used with almost any mobile device, will be charged according to a flexible pricing model. The user administration and activation, locks and monitors the Secure SIM cards via a web-based admin portal.